Telling New Stories in the Museum

Telling New Stories in the Museum
Midterm Projects for AH 219/419: The 21st Century Art Museum

For this project, students in the class were asked to use the recent installation of David Hockney’s 15 Canvas Study of the Grand Canyon as the starting point of a proposed display in the Memorial Art Gallery’s Cameros Gallery, which is dedicated to 19th- century American Art.

Taking inspiration from contemporary curatorial trends and artistic methods of institutional critique, these proposals offer new ways to use works of art to tell stories. Students were encouraged to expand and challenge the typical modes of organization employed in art museums (i.e., national/cultural designation and chronology).

Students were asked to work in curator-educator teams on the project, with the curator overseeing the selection of works and their placement while the educator develops the interpretive materials.

Below are digitally-produced mock-ups of their proposals.

Midterm Project Teams

Emma Baker and Teresa Shyr

Chloe Fan and Yu Wang

Naftalia Flatte and Jack Gallagher

Eleni Kallinos and Kamryn Phillips

Delaney Duvall Linehan and Alison Thompson

Yilin Luo and Bryce Yahn

Louisa Potthast, Jane Sylvester and Candice Yates

Yue Quan and Yuting Wang